Our Group

What started out as a chain pharmacy in Egypt became a Multi-Disciplinary Group, expanding globally.

Misr pharmacies: Chain with a few branches to provide all modern pharmacy products and services and today Misr chain pharmacies about over then 100 branches all over Egypt.


 Multitrade: Distributor arm start to supply healthcare and beauty care all over Egypt .


SoValue ( Egypt): Local pharmaceuticals company providing and supporting local market with most essential medicine needed.


Alfa market: Modern trade consider one of the elite hypermarkets chain in Egypt

Greens pharmacies: Chain in Qatar consider the expansion of Misr pharmacies chain abroad.

SoValue (Qatar): Specialized company providing and suppling pharmaceuticals product and medical supply for governmental and semi-governmental hospitals ( direct orders and tender business).


Cosmetica: New specialized company for pharmacy OTC products such as food supplements.

Biomedics: A Polish based company with a factory running by Japanese technology.

Committed to create and provide safe and effective solutions to meet different dermatological needs and to help improve the quality of life and wellbeing of our customers.

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